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Each drip is blended with the perfect combination of ingredients to achieve your health goals. Let us restore, revitalize and replenish you.

IV Therapy Treatments

IV Hydration Infusions sometimes called ‘IV drip therapy’ or ‘IV Therapy’ are one of the most effective ways to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and fluids to your body. The technique bypasses the digestive system which facilitates quick absorption. IV Therapy Treatments are designed to support and improve the function of a wide variety of body systems, improve overall wellness, and address specific ailments, dysfunctions, and/or depletions in your body.
NewU Hydration Lounge Treatments


The Power Cocktail is a potent drip that revitalizes you. With a range of benefits including an immune system boost, mental clarity, and energy restoration, you’ll feel your best and brightest with this blend.
NewU Hydration Lounge Treatments


The Beauty Cocktail optimizes the anti-aging process and can reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate skin, and improve your appearance. Pro-tip: add Glutathione and Vitamin C to accelerate the potency of this amazing drip.
NewU Hydration Lounge Treatments

Migraine Solution

Specifically formulated to combat migraines, this drip targets inflammation, pain, and nausea. Regain energy, improve your mood, and get pain relief.
NewU Hydration Lounge Treatments

Muscle Recovery

The Athlete Cocktail is an excellent solution for athletes and active individuals. It’s infused with ingredients that accelerate muscle recovery post-exertion, support metabolic function, and hydrate your body.
NewU Hydration Lounge Treatments

Weight Loss

This drip has been blended to accelerate metabolism, target fatty deposits, and improve skin elasticity for a healthy glow.
NewU Hydration Lounge Treatments


Renew yourself after overindulging with the About Last Night drip, a treatment that alleviates nausea, headache, vomiting, and general hangover symptoms.
NewU Hydration Lounge Treatments

Custom Blend

Schedule a free 30-minute or less consultation with us and we’ll recommend the best pre-formulated or customized blend for you.
Elevate Your Drip
Elevate any drip by selecting from our IV Hydration add-ons. NewU Hydration Lounge’s boosters give you the opportunity to customize your blend. Choose from the following.

Vitamin B12

This potent vitamin impacts your mood, energy, quality of sleep, immune system, metabolism, and mental clarity. It’s a powerhouse vitamin responsible for DNA production, red blood cell formation, and nervous system upkeep.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant that strengthens your immune system, is antiviral and can combat fatigue and common illnesses.


The mother of antioxidants, glutathione is naturally produced by the liver and can be depleted as we age. It supports muscle and tissue repair, liver function, improves skin elasticity, helps to improve insulin resistance, reduces cell damage in fatty liver, and reduces oxidative stress.


Fortifies the immune system, prevents illness, and helps with wound healing and collagen formation. Reduces sinus inflammation and allergies.


According to the National Institutes of Health, many people in the U.S. don’t get enough magnesium from their diet. Helps relax muscles, relieve PMS symptoms, decrease anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and constipation.


Perfect for short-term management of moderately severe pain, Toradol is an anti-inflammatory that can help to reduce pain, swelling, or fever.


This medication is used to address nausea and vomiting and soothe upset stomachs.


An antihistamine that’s used to treat allergies, insomnia, and symptoms of the common cold.


Injections are a quick and effective way to improve your energy, mood, metabolism, mental clarity, immune system, and more!

Vitamin B12

This potent vitamin impacts your mood, energy, quality of sleep, immune system, metabolism, and mental clarity. It’s a powerhouse vitamin responsible for DNA production, red blood cell formation, and nervous system upkeep.

Vitamin D

This vitamin strengthens bones and muscles, enhances immune system function, improves mood, and reduces inflammation. Recommended for people experiencing depression, fatigue, muscle weakness, and more.

Skinny Shot

Supporting the conversation of fat to energy, the Lipotropic injection helps to boost energy and convert sugar and carbohydrates efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s vital to receive and integrate nutrients that support our bodies and IV drip therapy delivers 100% of the nutrients directly into your bloodstream. The sterile solution used in all our blends is comprised of sodium chloride and water which provides essential hydration and is perfect for diluting medications and facilitating the delivery of vitamins and minerals throughout your body. With oral supplements, only about 20% of the nutrients are absorbed after passing through the digestive system. IV Hydration therapy is an efficient and safe way to improve your health.
Because IV Hydration Therapy allows the vitamins and nutrients to bypass the stomach and intestinal absorption which means they’re available for immediate use. So you’ll receive 100 percent of the vitamins your body needs in order to be nourished. With infused hydration and vitamins, your body becomes healthier, repairs, rejuvenates, and fights off illness. And the supplemental injections provide your body with concentrated doses of nutrients delivered directly to your bloodstream for instant results. Injections can deliver a week’s worth of vitamins in just one shot, instantly boosting your immune system, energy levels, digestion, mental clarity, metabolism, and more!
The frequency of IV therapy treatments will be tailored to your individual needs. We can customize a treatment plan for you after assessing your health and wellness goals.
We’re precise and skilled with needles which means it’s generally painless. Intravenous (IV) fluid drips are designed to deliver the saline solution through small tubing and a catheter directly into your bloodstream. During your session, a licensed healthcare professional inserts an IV line, which is attached to the solution, and hung above your head allowing gravity to carry fluid into your veins gently, as opposed to a syringe or other forced technique.
Plan on spending approximately 45 minutes receiving your infusion. Pause and refresh yourself in our comfortable chairs, take a nap, read, or bring your headphones and listen to a podcast.

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