Skin Brightening Cocktail


skin brightening drip san jose


If you want clear glowing skin, this regimen is for you!

The intent of this infusion is to provide brighter skin and fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Paired with a normal skincare routine, this infusion can help with acne, hyperpigmentation, antiaging and more.

Get the best skin you’ve ever had now!

Recommended twice a week in 10 sessions for best results.

Book I – 2 months before your wedding or special occasion!


High Dose Vitamin C and Glutathione

Infuse 2000mg of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) in 500cc fluid + 1200mg of Glutathione push.

(Push Glutathione slowly at the end of the Vitamin C drip)

Invest $1250 per 5 treatments.

Pay $2200 when you buy all 10 treatments up front.