by Erika Mehlhaff

Anxiety and depression affect millions of people around the globe. These mental health issues can be as debilitating as physical illness, and sometimes moreso. Amidst the numerous treatment options available, intravenous (IV) therapy is being considered by mental healthcare providers. Is IV therapy for anxiety and depression an effective treatment?

IV Therapy for Mental Health Help

IV therapy is not new in the medical field, but it has been gaining attention in recent years as a potentially helpful treatment for some mental health issues. For anxiety and depression, IV therapy is being considered as a treatment based on the notion that certain nutrient deficiencies might exacerbate mental health issues. And since this therapy involves the direct infusion of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into the bloodstream, it has shown up on the radar in mental health treatment circles.

Research suggests that deficiencies in such things as B vitamins, magnesium, etc. can contribute to mood disorders. By directly supplying nutrients the body needs via IV therapy, the biochemical balance can be restored, thereby enhancing mood and mental wellbeing. The direct infusion bypasses the gut to ensure maximum absorption and immediate availability of these essential nutrients.

Tailored IV Therapy Treatments

One reason to consider IV therapy as a mental health treatment is that it can be customized according to the needs of each individual. This is key because everyone’s experience of mental health disorders is distinctly different. IV therapy for depression and other issues can be tailored to alleviate symptoms and imbalances with specific custom blends of IV fluids.

In some cases, IV therapy has been reported to be effective anecdotally. Many have stated they have felt immediate relief from symptoms and mood enhancement. That said, others have reported more subtle effects if any. Based on the nature of IV therapy and these reports, as well as guidance from healthcare professionals, it can be a valuable supplementary component of integrative mental health treatment plans for some people.

For more information about nontraditional health and wellness treatments, see “Types of Complementary and Alternative Medicine” from Johns Hopkins Medicine.


IV therapy for mental health issues like anxiety and depression is where tradition and innovation converge in terms of treatment options. By addressing the biochemical aspect of mental health disorders, IV therapy offers a supplementary avenue for people seeking to alleviate incapacitating effects of the disorders. It offers the potential of relief that allows for hope of reaching mental wellness more easily, efficiently, and effectively.

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