Here are 5 Things That Weaken Immunity & How to Combat Them With IV Hydration

Your immune system and your health are directly linked. When your immune system is strong, then your health is strong. But when it’s weak, it’s all downhill.

You are much more likely to get colds and viruses when your immunity is down. That’s why it is important to combat weak immunity with hydration. But you must first know your enemy before creating a plan of attack.

Here are five surprising things, and some not-so-surprising, that can weaken your immune system:

  1. Alcohol– There are a long list of negative health effects attached to alcohol consumption. By blocking your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, alcohol prevents white blood cells from multiplying, leaving you with a weak immune system and TNF deficiency.
  1. Allergens– Even pollen can be a threat to the immune system! When your immune system goes into alert mode due to allergens, the cell wall weakens, which puts your immune system in a vulnerable position.
  1. Sugar– Excessive sugar consumption can reduce the immune system’s capacity to fight germs up to 40%. By attacking Vitamin C, sugar eats away the cell structure of your immune system. If you reduce sugar intake you will likely experience some other health benefits as well!
  1. Stress– You may be surprised to hear that stress can damage your immune system. Not only does stress impact your physical and mental health, but may reduce white blood cell count.
  1. Insomnia– Did you know that insomnia is one of the most common disorders today? In addition to a long list of negative health effects, getting 4 hours or less of sleep per day can decrease antibodies needed to fight colds and other common ailments.

There are many things that can attack your immune system, but when you give your body a boost with IV hydration you can keep these things at bay.

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